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PerfectSeal Embossers Video Overview
Mike Forehand introduces the full line of PerfectSealTMElectric Embossers.

"The value of any electric embosser should be the increased durability, extended life over manual embossers, and the insurance of removing any chance of repetitive-stress injury during use. Repetitive stress injury is a major concern. One claim could cost several thousand dollars and a major loss of employee time. Companies spend thousands on ergonomic products for computers, desks, tables, chairs etc., and are looking to minimize risk and increase performance when using their seals and other marking products."

Have questions about our products? Call toll free 1-888-826-4304 or local 918-587-3818. Or get a FREE no obligation quote. Simply supply seal image and usage information to: mike@southernmark.com

#2 OFFICIAL "K" POCKET SEAL w/2" die. Brass dies for sharp & clear impressions. Multiple emblems available or add your custom logo or design with added charge. Largest diameter required by many states and organizations.

Click Here to check out our line of manual hand held embossers!

PerfectSeal Heavy Duty LONG Reach. Proven to over 200,000 impressions! Lightening fast operation. TWO YEAR performance warranty, 60 day final approval, assures your satisfaction!

PerfectSeal Long Reach Heavy Duty Embosser

PerfectSeal Heavy Duty LONG Reach. TWO YEAR, up to 200k, LIMITED WARRANTY, final approval ensures satisfaction. THE MOST DURABLE SEAL EVER MADE.

PerfectSeal STANDARD Reach Heavy Duty  is designed for the high volume user. **TWO YEAR performance warranty. Eliminates the potential for "Repetative Stress Injuries" from constant use of a regular pocket embosser. GUARANTEED RESULTS!

PerfectSeal Standard Reach Heavy Duty Embosser

PerfectSeal STANDARD Reach Heavy Duty is designed for the high volume user. **TWO YEAR limited warranty, LIFE EXPECTANCY OF 700k. GUARANTEED RESULTS.

PerfectSeal MOTORIZED automatic SMART activation manual hand seals electric operation emboss impressions on paper notary seal corporate seal Perfect Seal motorized electric embosser

Motorized Electric Seal

PerfectSeal MOTORIZED announces the new **OPTIONAL: Paper Activation. Provides excellent, stress free impressions on one sheet of 20-24# paper at a time. A quick touch of the button provides an effortless seal impression.