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PerfectSeal Heavy Duty LONG Reach. Proven to over 200,000 impressions! Lightening fast operation. TWO YEAR performance warranty, 60 day final approval, assures your satisfaction!

PerfectSeal LONG Reach Heavy Duty Embosser ELECTRIC

Your Price $1,540.00
PerfectSeal Heavy Duty LONG REACH has **NEW options !
QUESTION: How much will it cost you for a lost employee due to a Stress Injury ?

PerfectSeal LONG Reach Heavy Duty Electric Embosser is the most durable seal available with the best warranty. Comes with my unparalleled **TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY up to 200k use as directed impressions. New users receive a FINAL APPROVAL on one unit to ensure satisfaction ! Patented design with only two moving internal parts. LIFE EXPECTANCY OVER 700,000 CYCLES.

Forensically identifiable impression makes each a unique embosser, even with the same impression.  All can be identified like a fingerprint.  Engineered for even the harsh user.

100% of the stress to the unit, 0% to the user. A seal can authenticate an original document like nothing else. Seal users are aware of the potential for "Stress Injuries" from use of a manual embosser. PerfectSeal removes any chance for injury! A quick activation  applies a forensically identifiable impression. Center of your seal impression up to 4 inches from the paper's edge. 120VAC. Compact over all size is 6" wide x 6-1/2" deep x 8.5" tall conserves space, Approximate weight is 22lb. Priced with a standard text die. Logo, special engraving and options additional. Subject to changes.

My mission when I invented PerfectSeal, was a design for 100% stress being applied to the unit, 0% to the user.
Unmatched TWO YEAR WARRANTY, life expectancy of 700,000+ cycles, tells who has the most durable electric seal.

**OPTIONS: PerfectSeal LONG Reach Electric Embosser
PAPER + BUTTON ACTIVATION: $390.00     Activates automatically when paper inserted or by push button. Adjustable bar for paper activation points from paper edge to center of impression, between 1.50" to 3.0". User adjustable bar for quick change as needed without removing the cover.
FOOT PEDAL + BUTTON ACTIVATION:  $390.00 Both a foot pedal and button installed to activate a controlled impression.
**PAPER + FOOT PEDAL + BUTTON ACTIVATION:  $780.00   That is right, three activation's available on the same unit.
FOOT PEDAL (full time): $190.00 Foot pedal with ON/OFF toggle to disable unit, leaves both hands free to handle paper.
EMBOSS PRESSURE CONTROL: $340.00  *Already a Favorite*  User can lessen strike pressure by a dial on front, to reduce the chance of fracture.
KEY LOCK $240.00  Keyed ON/OFF to disable unit operation and prevent unauthorized use.
PAPER GUIDE PLATE: $379.00 Stainless Steel 12"x18" plate for accurate placement of impression on most documents. Adjustable slide bars provide a stop for front to back and side to side positions. Plate will fit past and present PerfectSeal Heavy Duty units and is transferable. Guide Plate and Paper Activation can not be combined.

No other can match my warranty, durability or has as many options to fit most every need.

Don't need a Heavy Duty embosser, check out my PerfectSeal MOTORIZED model

Supply seal image and usage information for a FREE no obligation quote to: mike@southernmark.com