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PerfectSeal Motorized SEAL ELECTRIC

Your Price $499.99

PerfectSeal™ MOTORIZED announces the **OPTIONAL: AutoSTART Paper Activation. Insert the paper, unit starts automatically or standard push button to start.

Convenient, clear seal impressions with no stress to the user.

PerfectSealMOTORIZED Electric Embosser is designed to convert most new and existing manual hand seals to a stress free electric operation. Purchase as a "unit only" and add the insert from your hand seal, or purchase a MOTORIZED with a new, high definition custom seal with brass die installed. MOTORIZED Standard Duty provides excellent impressions on one sheet of 20-32# paper for 20,000+ lifetime cycles. You no longer need brute strength to have a crisp, clear impression from your seal. Quick change allows many different seals to be used. Quieter motorized action. One year limited warranty up to 5,000 use as directed cycles. 120VAC Required. Approximate size is 4"x4-1/2"x8", 9lb. Custom seal, options, logo and/or artwork additional.


In this VIDEO, Mike demonstrates how easy it is to convert your manual embosser to a PerfectSeal MOTORIZED unit.

OPTIONAL: AutoSTART Paper Activation: $160.00   Unit automatically starts embossing when paper is fully inserted.

New PerfectSeal users will receive a 30 day TRIAL PERIOD on one unit to ensure satisfaction.

PerfectSeal primary design is 100% of the stress goes to unit and 0% to the user !!
IF SEAL DESIGN OR HELP NEEDED, send all your info to: 

To process your online MOTORIZED order, click:  CUSTOMIZE:

ADD HAND SEAL: Choose #1 seal (1-5/8"), #1-1/2 seal (1-3/4"), #2 seal (2"), enter text and upload lineart logo, or NO SEAL. (Logo or special engraving extra and to be quoted)

Choose side of paper inserted into seal, INSERT DIRECTION: (bottom/left/right/top) 

**OPTIONAL Paper Activation, comes with button activation for changing seals.

Once you have made all choices, continue to checkout.